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From a supplier of basic chemical raw materials to a supplier of new energy and new materials, from a labor-intensive enterprise to a high-tech enterprise

Guizhou Red Star Development Co., Ltd.

Mainly produce industrial grade barium carbonate, high-purity barium carbonate, barium sulfate, high-purity barium chloride, thiourea, sulfur, alkali sulfide

Address: Dingqi Street, Zhenning County, Anshun City, Guizhou Province, China

TEL:0851-36780115(Business Department)    36780003(office)

FAX:0851-36780087(Business Department)    36780074(office)

post code:561206

Guizhou Red Star Development Dalong Manganese Industry Co., Ltd.

Mainly produces electrolytic manganese dioxide, barium carbonate, sulfuric acid, industrial sulfur and other products

Address: Dalong Economic Development Zone, Yuping County, Tongren District, Guizhou Province, China



post code:554001


Chongqing Dazu Red Butterfly Strontium Industry Co., Ltd.

Mainly produce powder, dry granular, wet granular high-quality strontium carbonate, sulfur, sea wave, strontium nitrate, strontium chloride

Address: Longshui Town, Dazu County, Chongqing, China



post code:402368

Chongqing Dazu Red Butterfly Strontium Industry Co., Ltd. Yongxi Factory

Mainly produce sulfur, Haibo, and process semi-finished strontium carbonate filter cake

Address: Hongxing Community Neighborhood Committee, Yongxi Town, Dazu County



post code:402367

Guizhou Red Star Development Import & Export Co., Ltd.

Main business content: Responsible for domestic and foreign sales of products of various production enterprises, self-operated and agency import and export of various commodities and technologies, except for commodities and technologies that are restricted by the state or prohibited from import and export. Mainly to barium carbonate, strontium carbonate, manganese dioxide and so on.

Address: No. 6, 14th Floor, Unit 1, Building 11, Greenland Liansheng International, No. 8, Chengxin North Road, Guanshanhu District, Guiyang City, Guizhou Province



post code:550081


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Dingqi Street, Zhenning County, Anshun City, Guizhou Province, China


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