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Arduous pioneering selfless dedication pioneering and innovative first of all

Red Star Chemical Group by the State Council as a model of the development of the western region, is the Qingdao City, ten flag units, the creation of the four worlds, is the essence of state-owned enterprises, national pride.

Business style -

Decisive and resolute democracy

Rigorous and decisive, rigorous work, decision-making decisive, showing a strong sense of the Red Star people, dare to open up, bold and innovative. Democratic and quick, democratic, quick, and scientific. Democratic decision-making, once the goal to determine, work together immediately, all simple, with the fastest speed, simple way to direct the purpose of the core of the red star style.

Enterprise's goal--

First-class mechanism of first-class management of first-class team

First-class quality first-class environment-class benefits

Red Star Chemical's goal is six first-class, from the same industry domestic brand has become an international brand name. By the well-known Chinese brand sublimation of the world famous brand, so that the Red Star chemical industry into every family in the world, with the blood of condensed Hongxing chemical intangible assets, brave the world peak, Red Star chemical development and pursuit - the pursuit of excellence, never-ending.

Corporate purposes--

Add luster to the world for the motherland glory

Qingdao Red Star Chemical Group Co., Ltd. has more than 40 years of production history, is an internationally renowned brand. "Red Star Chemical, behind the scenes hero." Red Star Chemical's leading product barium strontium salt series, its main purpose for the TV glass bulb and high-grade porcelain, pottery. Glass has a red star of high-quality products, the color is more clear and bright, for the majority of people's lives to add color, the past few years, Red Star in: "Let the Red Star products into the world every family," the purpose of the scale of enterprises continue to expand, Continuous development, continuous improvement of technology, management innovation, efficiency continues to improve, so that the Red Star crowned the world barium king, the king of Asia stalwart kingdom, won the honor for the motherland, added color to the world, reflects the Red Star strong national responsibility and Lofty values.

Business strategy -

Long and into the wings fly together

Diversification is the development strategy of Red Star Chemical Group. Only in this way, in order to resist the impact of market economy, and to achieve the development of Red Star by leaps and bounds. Red Star Chemical Group, the old product to the base of the transfer of raw materials, the long district in the development of fine chemical products on the efforts to focus on cultivating new growth points. Has been the formation of electronic and magnetic materials market demand barium strontium salt base, manganese salt, antimony salt production base, high-grade fatty acid production base and natural pigment production base. There have been a variety of products developed rapidly, things wings of the gratifying situation.

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