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Guizhou Red Star Development Longlong Manganese Industry Co., Ltd. by the listed company Red Star Development (600367) in March 2002 by way of public auction, the acquisition of the bankrupt Guizhou mercury mine system of large chlor-alkali magnesium plant and other enterprises set up to make. The company is located in Guizhou Province, the provincial economic development zone - the dragon development zone, covers an area of ​​580,000 square meters, more than 1,000 employees, most of them for the original Guizhou mercury mine laid-off reemployed workers.

Company in recent years, the full realization of the mercury-free battery policy and alkaline battery demand to bring about the strong demand for related raw materials opportunities since 2002 has invested more than 200 million, built the current domestic equipment and technology in the lead The level of electrolytic manganese dioxide production line four, the total production capacity of 30,000 tons / year, the scale ranked second in the country, the world's third. As the company's products starting high, good quality, after several years of customer trial and large quantities of supply, as the main raw material for mercury-free batteries, has been gradually the world's major battery manufacturers used. In addition to Nanfu, Shuanglu, Leopard King and other well-known domestic battery manufacturers Red Star product share has reached 30% -50%, the Japanese Matsushita and Hitachi, the demand for electrolytic manganese dioxide more than 50,000 tons of the world's largest alkaline Battery - the United States King of the company, as well as the United States Yuehua and Energizer batteries and other well-known international battery production enterprises have established a stable supply relationship with the company. At present, our company's products have covered most of the world's leading battery companies, Red Star electrolytic manganese dioxide brand market influence is gradually increased, the product market prospects.

In order to better develop the rich resources of Qiandong area, to achieve the sustained, balanced and rapid development of the company since 2003 has invested nearly 100 million yuan to build a 100,000 tons / year barium salt production line, and 100,000 tons / Year sulfuric acid production line. The company has become the focus of group investment and development. To the current electrolytic manganese dioxide as the leading four products have accumulated investment of nearly 400 million yuan, the project all the annual production can be achieved annual sales income of 500 million yuan, profits and taxes 100 million yuan.

In the past three years, these projects have been completed, so that the company formed a well-functioning products and industry chain: barium salt project waste gas treatment by-product sulfur is the main raw material of sulfuric acid project; another lime The auxiliary raw materials for electrolytic manganese dioxide and the comprehensive treatment of raw materials for the production of wastewater and boiler coal desulfurization, barium slag can be used to manufacture new building materials and used as cement additives; and sulfuric acid is the main raw material of manganese related products, Steam is also fully utilized, the boiler produced by the high-pressure superheated steam used to generate electricity after the electrolysis of manganese dioxide and other plants, the workshop as a heat source, while ordinary barium salt production of intermediate products and other high-purity barium salt project is the main raw material, The project water vapor resources and industrial "three wastes" balanced use to achieve a better effect, the overall characteristics of the circular economy so that the company has the initial industrial industrial park prototype and foundation.

The company has been adhering to the "environmental protection is the political life of enterprises," the concept of environmental protection, and vigorously promote the company's environmental protection work. Up to now, the company has accumulated investment in environmental management funds more than 4000 million, accounting for more than 10% of the company's total investment, green funds more than 50 million, a "garden-like factory" initially presented in front of us.

2005 total industrial output value of 330.21 million yuan, profits of 56.5 million yuan, turned over to a total of 33.8 million yuan of various taxes. 2006 is expected in the company to overcome the difficulties under the premise of the economic indicators will be based on a certain degree of growth in 2005.

Since the company settled in Tongren area, has been in a "combination of things, complementary advantages, long-term cooperation and common development" principle, and actively participate in the company's economic and social construction, the local mining, transportation, building materials, catering services , Energy, supporting the processing industry and other sectors of the healthy development has played a considerable role in driving and pulling. At the same time has solved more than 1,100 local labor force (most of which is laid-off workers) employment problems, and achieved good social benefits. The company has been awarded the "2003, 2004, 2005 Industrial Production Outstanding Contribution Award" by the Tongren District Administrative Office. It was awarded the "2003 Honesty Tax Unit" by the Management Committee of the Dragon Development Zone, and was promoted by the Tongren Prefectural Party Committee Propaganda Department and Tongren District Civilized construction Steering Committee and Tongren District Quality and Technical Supervision jointly awarded the "quality, service double excellent units" and other honorary titles.

The company has a complete quality control system and in September 2003 through the ISO9001: 2000 quality system certification. After the company in strict accordance with the requirements of the system, developed a clear quality policy, quality objectives and vigorously carry out publicity, strict implementation of the human resources development and training, raw and auxiliary materials procurement, material control, production process control, on-site and labor safety Protection, equipment maintenance and maintenance, product quality analysis and control, customer and market services, and many other aspects of the development of practical system control documents and strictly follow the implementation. System operation for two years, the company production and business activities gradually on track, the company greatly enhance the level of management, core competitiveness continues to increase. The company has passed the Qingdao WorldCom certification of the organization of the two supervision and auditing, through the Japanese Matsushita, the United States and other companies organized by the King of the repeated review of the company. By the United States King Pa, and other well-known domestic and foreign battery manufacturers included in the global "top supplier" list.

Companies adhere to the financial management as a leader, market-oriented to corporate culture as the basis for the development of the strategy, continue to carry forward the "arduous pioneering, selfless dedication, pioneering and innovative, striving for first-class" spirit of enterprise, relying on Qingdao Hongxing Chemical formed over the years The advantages of good reputation, stable market, advanced technology and management and other advantages with the western rich resources to continue to take the combination of things, complementary advantages, low-cost expansion of the road, the enterprise to create a "first-class workforce, first-class management , First-class mechanism, first-class quality, first-class environment, first-class benefits "of the modern enterprise, to create a hundred years of Red Star, to promote the business community, economic and cultural development of the cause of building blocks.

Company website:www.hxfzmy.com

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