Guizhou Hongxing Development Co., Ltd.

Guizhou Hongxing Development Co., Ltd.

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Guizhou Hongxing Development Co., Ltd.

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Guizhou Hongxing Development Co., Ltd.

Company development

Q: The chairman of the board led the Red Star to work hard in Guizhou for ten years. What is the biggest gain of the chairman of the decade? What is the biggest feeling?

A: The biggest gain is to train the team and train a group of people. The biggest feeling is: Our road is right.

Q: Does the company focus on corporate culture construction? What is the core of the company's corporate culture?

A: The company has a strong corporate culture, established a set of corporate culture work system, and thoroughly implemented the essence of corporate culture among the employees, and promoted the company's healthy progress. The core is: hard work, selfless dedication, pioneering and innovative, striving for first-class.

Q: What is the purpose of the company's main products? What is the market position? What is the market outlook? Are there any plans to develop new products?

A: The company is the world's largest producer of strontium carbonate and barium carbonate. Its production capacity has reached 300,000 tons/year and 15 tons/year respectively. It is also an important manganese salt production enterprise at home and abroad with a production capacity of 30,000 tons/year. In addition, the company's insoluble sulfur, sulfur, thiourea sulfate, green industry and the above-mentioned refined and high value-added products of strontium and manganese salts have formed a considerable scale and market share, and the products have a good future development. prospect.

Barium carbonate and barium carbonate are important raw materials for the production of TV picture tubes, computer monitors, industrial monitors and electronic components. They are also widely used in the manufacture of magnetic materials, ceramics, coatings, building materials and optical glass. The products are used in electronic information and chemical industry. , light industry, ceramics, metallurgy and other industries; insoluble sulfur is mainly used as advanced accelerator and vulcanizing agent, used in the rubber industry, is an important additive for the production of radial tires; thiourea is a basic chemical raw material, widely used In the rubber, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries; electrolytic manganese dioxide is the main raw material for the production of dry batteries, metal manganese is mainly used in steel making, stainless steel manganese alloy, magnetic materials; natural pigments are mainly used in food, medicine, high-end cosmetics and other industries.

Q: What are the cost advantages that the company has created in Guizhou?

Answer: 1 The price of raw materials is relatively low. The mines of major raw materials are basically controlled or controlled by the company; 2 the transportation costs are low; 3 the scale utility is large, and the fixed costs can be diluted; 4 the production process has been improved for decades, very mature and low consumption.

Q: What is the current market share of your company's strontium carbonate? What are the advantages of your company compared with the same industry?

A: The company's strontium carbonate accounts for 40% of the global market and 50% of the domestic market.

Compared with the same industry, the advantages are mainly as follows:

1 Price advantage, the company's process is increasingly sophisticated, cost control system is more effective;

2 The company's product quality is stable, and its ability to customize on demand is strong;

3 The company's business philosophy is attractive to customers, and the pursuit of a win-win policy guarantees high customer loyalty.

Q: Whether electronic magnetic materials use barium carbonate or barium carbonate, China's information industry is developing rapidly. Is it a good time for your company? What is the use of powdered strontium carbonate in the ceramic industry? How big is the market capacity?

A: The electronic magnetic materials use the company's barium carbonate and barium carbonate. The company's strategic positioning is the world's leading supplier of electronic magnetic materials. The rapid development of China's information industry and the information industry as a whole will bring many potential market opportunities to the company. We are currently working closely with customers in the industry.

Powdered strontium carbonate has a comprehensive application in structural ceramics, surface ceramics, ceramic enamel, etc., and the market capacity will increase accordingly.

Q: Does the company cooperate with Solvay in Belgium on carbonate development, especially in high-purity electronics?

A: The company and solvay are both partners and competitors, as well as carbonates for high-purity electronics.

Q: What are the advantages and disadvantages of flat-panel TVs compared to traditional CRTs, and how the market is in possession.

A: Compared with CRT, flat-panel TVs have advantages in terms of size, appearance and identity. CRT has advantages in color expressiveness, brightness, performance on dynamic images, price, service life, and after-sales service.

The total CRT demand has not declined, and it is expected to maintain a certain growth in 5-8 years. At the same time, the population of developing countries in the world accounts for a considerable proportion, which has strong support for the CRT market. The impact of flat panel displays on CRT depends on three changes:

The first is the total amount of the display market. The total display market is growing. Second, the growth rate of the flat panel display market share. In 2004, the proportion of global flat-panel TVs in the entire TV industry was less than 10%, and the growth rate would not be too fast. CRT TVs are still the mainstream. At present, domestic flat panel displays are affected by factors such as capital and technology. To form a certain scale, it will take at least 3 to 5 years. Nowadays, the promotion of flat-panel TVs will continue to drastically reduce prices, which will have a certain misleading effect on consumers. Some manufacturers are losing money. Because the cost of flat-panel TVs depends on the cost of displays, modules, and manufacturing machines, the core display technology has made great progress in recent years, and manufacturing costs have decreased, but there is still a long process. The third is the technological progress of the CRT itself. The development and launch of new flat CRT TV products will also extend the life of CRT TVs.

Q: Will the market capacity of the company's leading product inorganic salt series shrink in recent years? When is insoluble sulfur expected to be profitable?

A: With the development of the electronics industry, the demand for inorganic salt electronic materials is growing. However, there will be some adjustments in the varieties. Our company keeps up with the current development trend of electronic products and continuously expands its market share. Improve the company's market competitiveness in electronic materials. For example, the current PDP, LCD, display glass, are using our products, each accounted for more than 80%, and its market share is higher than the market share of CRT. At the same time, good progress has also been made in electronic ceramics, so as long as we work hard, the market space will become larger and larger.

Insoluble sulfur has made unremitting efforts through us. Now we have made major breakthroughs in technology and product quality, and have reached the domestic first-class level, which is basically close to the international product quantity. Companies such as Guilun, Double Star, Sichuan Rubber, and Dongfeng are using the company's products. It is expected that there will be significant changes in scale and market share in the next two years.

Q: What are the advantages of the company's production of manganese salts? What are the sales targets?

A: First of all, the company has a group of outstanding professional and technical personnel; secondly, the company's resources and other raw materials, management costs have advantages in the same industry; Third, the company's domestic and international technical exchanges, information communication is also doing a good job.

The company's main customers of electrolytic manganese dioxide include the United States Duracell (the world's largest alkaline battery manufacturer), Japan's Matsushita, Nanfu, Shuanglu and other world-renowned battery companies. At present, 40% of the company's electrolytic manganese dioxide products are used for export. At the end of July 2005, the company successfully passed the supplier review organized by American Duracell Corporation, paving the way for the company's high-grade electrolytic manganese dioxide products to enter the US market smoothly.

Compared with competitors, there are three advantages of Red Star development: First, the starting point is high, Red Star development is late, the design of production technology is set by various directors, and the equipment used is internationally leading. Second, there is no historical burden, and Red Star develops lightly forward. Third, the management level is high. The management team of Red Star Development is stable and pragmatic and determined to make progress, and has achieved fruitful results in market development, quality control and cost control.

Q: The company has entered the green industry. What products have been developed? Can the green industry be the pillar industry of the company in the future?

A: The company has developed and formed a certain scale of green products: capsanthin, marigold lutein, rosemary, solanesol and so on. The green industry is a sunrise industry, and the country also strongly encourages development. The company has rich technical experience and is believed to become an important economic growth point for the company.

Q: The company entered the coal industry based on what considerations.

A: The company must seize the opportunity to live up to the expectations of investors, but the development of Red Star is a non-coal mining enterprise. There are certain limitations in the development of the coal industry. Red Star Development will make good use of resources to extend the coal industry chain. Coal is also the raw material and fuel of the company's main products. The company's control of coal resources is also conducive to reducing product costs. Coal mining is currently under planning and design.

Q: The company has been listed for five years, and its annual return on net assets is relatively high, which is in line with the conditions of refinancing. The reason why there is no refinancing is.

A: The company has both long-term development plans and dedicated agencies and personnel to pay close attention to good projects. Therefore, the company has not refinanced, and the company strives for steady development and returns more benefits to the shareholders.

Q: How to evaluate the company's performance in the third quarter and the company's future development prospects.

A: The company's operating results in the third quarter are basically in line with the annual budget, which is basically consistent with the company's expectations for the market and industry. The company is currently in a stable growth stage, which will bring relatively stable returns to the company's shareholders in the near future, and there will be relatively certain performance support in the next two years. In the longer-term planning, the management of the company has done a lot of work, and the coal development and extension of the industrial chain is one of them. The company will give the majority of shareholders the maximum return on their interests.

Company share reform

Q: Why is the company's share reform plan 10 out of 3.5, which is higher than the average of the previous market? How to consider it?

A: The main considerations are various factors, such as historical issue price, company performance, and equity structure. At the same time, it refers to the average discount rate level of the mature market in the United States and other countries, and analyzes the discount rate level of the first two batches of the share reform company. It measures the price of the major shareholder of Red Star Development at 3.25-3.89 for every 10 shares. On the basis of the stocks, non-tradable shareholders have fully considered the interests of tradable shareholders and are willing to pay 3.5 shares for payment. For the specific calculation method, please refer to the stock change specification issued by the company.

Question: What are the motivations and principles for the company's share-trading reform?

A: The purpose of the share-trading reform is to optimize the corporate governance structure through the share-trading reform and consolidate the common interests of all shareholders; to protect the interests of the shareholders through the company's value enhancement and long-term development. The principle of the share-trading reform is: 1. Follow the principle of “fairness, justice and openness”. Implement the "National Nine Articles" opinion, respect the laws of the market, and effectively protect the interests of investors, especially public investors; 2. Take into account the immediate interests and long-term interests of all shareholders, which is conducive to the company's development and market stability; Stock prices in the split market are affected by specific factors in which some stocks are not circulating. The non-tradable shares need to pay a certain consideration from the non-tradable shareholders to the shareholders of the tradable shares. The consideration does not have any effect to compensate the losses of the shareholders of the tradable shares. 4. The shareholders of the tradable shares are not subject to the current loss of interests and the formation of the shares. Loss expectations.

Q: What are the benefits of share reform for tradable shareholders?

A: First, after the completion of the share reform, the equity of the tradable shareholders in the company increased from the original 30% to 40.5%. Secondly, after the completion of the share reform, the interests of non-tradable shareholders and tradable shareholders will become more consistent, corporate governance will be more standardized, and business objectives will be more clear. After the completion of the share reform, the stock price will become a very important assessment target. By establishing the equity incentive system linked to the management performance appraisal and the stock price, the management's enthusiasm will be better mobilized to create greater value for all shareholders.

Q: What benefits does the share reform have for the company's sustainable development in the future?

A: After the completion of the share reform, the interests of all shareholders will be consistent, which will provide a basic institutional platform for the company's long-term development. At the same time, the corporate governance structure will be more perfect, and management incentives and mergers and acquisitions can enhance the long-term value of the company.

Q: Is the company feeling pressured on the reform of the shareholding system?

A: The company's pressure on the share reform mainly comes from investors' full recognition and trust in the company.

Q: The stock of the major shareholder was frozen by the court. Is it a problem with the major shareholder's funds? Can the lawsuit be successfully resolved? Does it have any impact on the company's share reform?

A: This fund is caused by the company's major shareholder as a subordinate enterprise guarantee. Its formation has certain policy reasons, and it is not directly related to the capital situation of the major shareholder. At present, the major shareholder is actively solving this problem. There will be no impact on this share reform.

Chairman Jiang Zhiguang concluded his speech

I am very happy to spend this happy two hours with you. Here, please allow me to represent Hongxing Development to investors and media friends who have long supported and cared for the development of Red Star, and worked hard for this share-trading reform. Southwest Securities and Galaxy Securities, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to this interactive platform and technical support panoramic network provided to us!

Although the two-hour communication and communication is too short, we are very enthusiastic about the questions and the enthusiasm of the investors for the development of Red Star. At the same time, the management of Red Star Development also feels that the responsibility is significant. We will make full use of this opportunity of share-trading reform to further improve and optimize the corporate governance structure, strengthen management, and integrate innovation through close innovation and close tracking of the development trend of the electronics industry. Resources, market and other resources have made Red Star Development a global leader in electronic magnetic materials. The company plans to steadily develop inorganic salt chemical products based on strontium salt and strontium salt, and combine the resources advantages of the company to actively cultivate new pillar industries to realize the company's next leap-forward development with a favorable performance return. The majority of shareholders, return to society.

Although today's online communication is over, our hearts and investors are always the same, and our communication channels are always unimpeded. In the future, we will regard investor relations management as a strategic task of the company and strengthen communication and communication with investors in various ways. We sincerely welcome shareholders to come to the company to see our own business at a convenient time. I firmly believe that with the support of the majority of investors, through the hard work of all employees of Red Star Development, Red Star Development will have a bright future!

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